Sun Young Kang 강선영

Graduated from Ulsan University in orchestral music

Current) Modern Sound Jazz Big Band Member

Member of the Ulsan Wind Orchestra

Member of Brio Ensemble

Head of Kang Sun-Young Saxophone Studio

Bancheon Elementary School/ Samnam, Cheongok Middle School Brass instrument instructor

YouTube channel ” Adieu Saxophone”

– Modern Sound Jazz Big Band Member

– Elf Saxophone Contest Celebration Performance

– Performance of the Jakcheonjeong Cherry Blossom Festival

– Ulsan Rose Festival Performance

– Performance to celebrate Haenam Temple in Jung-gu, Ulsan

– Performance at the Ulsan Industrial Festival

– Performance of Yeruha in Ulsan

– Adue’s 100th concert


On the Scene with Sun Young Kang 강선영